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New Year’s Eve Celebration

Several days in a row of company has been amazing. There is nothing better than spending time with my favorite people. Unfortunately, it did not give me time to post. I did take some photos that I do want to share.

We had invited our young grandchildren to come “party-in” the New Year. That gave their parents a guilt free New Year’s Celebration. So we had fun. But our youngest one fell asleep snuggled with her stuffed animals and using  grandpa for a pillow.

Ringing in 2012

Older brother has managed to stay awake for New Years for several years. He so looks forward to running out as soon as the NYC ball drops (3 hours delayed on west coast) and yelling, “Happy New Year.” Then jumping up and down waiting to hear the responses.

This year any responses were drowned out by house rattling loud booms and huge overhead fireworks unfolding against the sky. It sounded more like cannon fire than fireworks, but it was fun. Hayden was laughing so hard at all the commotion he couldn’t tell if anyone responded. Our big fountain seemed small potatoes in comparison.

We all had so much fun that Hubby and my Champagne is still uncorked in the refrigerator awaiting another celebration. One that probably won’t include youngsters.

Cheers and wishes for a wonderful 2012 is being sent your way.




Frozen Fog Photo Essay

Hello, again.

Today’s blog is another photo essay at Totally Random Shez. An amazing display by nature of what the world looks like when it is encased in white crystals. I’m sorry to report that there was an “oopsie” in yesterday’s link. If you are interested in actually looking at the photos please…

…check out Frozen Fog Photos at the following link:


Please, let me know what you think of them. I do enjoy hearing from you. Wishing you a great week as the holidays are upon us. Magic happens everywhere.



Newest from Shez is “Ever Changing Skylights”

I have confirmed a truth. I cannot keep more than one blog going daily. At least for now. There’s always a next year and that is like in just over three weeks…yikes! Let me see, there could be a new plan, Shez Blogs on even days which leaves Totally Random Shez on ODD. Yes, it could work, and it would give each post a couple of days for views. That could be good. Hummmm, I may have hatched a workable plan.

A photostitch of an amazing sunlit sky.

The Totally Random Shez post is a photo essay featuring the changing sky from dusk to fifteen minutes later when it’s lights out. Please take a quick pop over to check it out.


Thank you so much. Don’t be afraid to comment, I do appreciate your thoughts.



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Frosty Morn

Here is the link to today’s blog. I hope you enjoy some of Jack Frost’s art and embellishments on the leaves.


Thank for checking out my link.


Do-It-Yourself Project Finished

Hop on over to my other blog where I just posted some pictures of a small remodel my husband and I just completed.


I’d certainly love to hear back from you on what you think.

All the Best to all,