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Newest from Shez is “Ever Changing Skylights”

I have confirmed a truth. I cannot keep more than one blog going daily. At least for now. There’s always a next year and that is like in just over three weeks…yikes! Let me see, there could be a new plan, Shez Blogs on even days which leaves Totally Random Shez on ODD. Yes, it could work, and it would give each post a couple of days for views. That could be good. Hummmm, I may have hatched a workable plan.

A photostitch of an amazing sunlit sky.

The Totally Random Shez post is a photo essay featuring the changing sky from dusk to fifteen minutes later when it’s lights out. Please take a quick pop over to check it out.

Thank you so much. Don’t be afraid to comment, I do appreciate your thoughts.



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Frosty Morn

Here is the link to today’s blog. I hope you enjoy some of Jack Frost’s art and embellishments on the leaves.

Thank for checking out my link.


Do-It-Yourself Project Finished

Hop on over to my other blog where I just posted some pictures of a small remodel my husband and I just completed.

I’d certainly love to hear back from you on what you think.

All the Best to all,


Oops, I forgot.

Hi, all. I am sorry I completely missed the fact that none of you saw my original and not quite functional blog posts.  So why is this blog here?

This blog is for and about writing, illustration and photography all of which are passions of mine. This is an interactive blog so I want to hear from others who are passionate about creating.

You missed my introduction to me but you’ll figure that out soon enough that the blog is for and about all of us. I am just a small part of this community.

Lexi is elated, she conquered her fear and succeeded. You then met Lexi who is pictured above, the hero of my new picture book. If you think you will like this little girl, please spread the word that she and I are looking for a publisher.

Along the way, I will post items that I hope are of interest to a large group of people about some of the lessons life has taught me along the way.

I am excited about this new journey and invite you to come along.