WIP Page 22

Once again the work is going slower than I would like. But finally after three and a half weeks another page is completed. This is just a portion of the page. I’ll leave you to wonder what is going on.

A selection from page 22

I definitely will not be doing the next book with so much detail. I will be going for simple, less structured design. You may recall from a previous post that the drawings and paintings in my early books were the part I loved. I spent hours going over every detail.

My granddaughter is here tonight and she loves to sit beside me and give me lots of constructive help. She was my little girl model when I started this project and I am glad I had all the sketches done in a few weeks. She looks and acts so much older now. It is amazing how fast they change between four and almost six. She also is becoming an artist and has no limit to her questions and suggestions of what she would like better if only I would go back through and change all the pages that the better color would be on.

She also has her favorite drawings. And I printed a copy of the book with only a small portion of the drawings colorized. She loves it and has spent many hours this past year going over every single detail.

I welcome your comments.



12 responses to “WIP Page 22

  1. It’s a wedding!

    Lovely illustration. : )

  2. A wedding!!! Beautiful Shez!! I admire the effort you put into this!!! It’s gorgeous!!! 😀 **

  3. Well done, it’s beautiful!

  4. Fabulous!! Your grand daughter sound like an inspiration.

    • Thank you. She was the perfect age to study when I started. She’ll be six in a couple of weeks. I hope I have her imprinted in my brain. The next book is a 3 year old.

  5. Hi! I am nominating you for the Thanks For Writing Award. Please go to my site for picture. WordPress has rules for award.

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