The Amazing Gift

I hope you all had a lovely Merry Christmas. Mine was filled with food, family, laughter and love. It also contained an amazing surprise that I had a hard time putting down. I am still in shock that even with tons of help from my husband who knew he was responsible for my quandary, we had everything ready for our guests on time.

Well, everything except me. I was clean and groomed including my makeup but I was still in my tee-shirt and jeans when folks arrived. I faced photo ops I couldn’t pass up, time for which were not on my “to-do list.” I thought about slipping away and changing quickly, but in the end remained in my casual attire and had a very lovely day. Any of you who are photographers will likely understand my priorities.

The Beautiful Christmas Visitor

With that being said, you can read about my early morning surprise at Totally Random Shez.

Happy Holidays,


5 responses to “The Amazing Gift

  1. Just in case you were wondering an internet search revealed the bird in the photo is a Varied Thrush. It is very unusual to see these birds in our area, especially this time of year.

  2. The bird is beautiful. I saw three robins on Christmas day and they are usually long gone for the winter. It’s odd to see them now but the winter has been so mild. They won’t like the blizzard arriving shortly!

    • Thank you, Karen. It is a Varied Thrush, a bird I rarely ever see. Some of our robins do stay year round, but others flock through usually in November. I did not notice any flocks this year.

  3. Photos or dress up . . . mmm. No contest!

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