Newest from Shez is “Ever Changing Skylights”

I have confirmed a truth. I cannot keep more than one blog going daily. At least for now. There’s always a next year and that is like in just over three weeks…yikes! Let me see, there could be a new plan, Shez Blogs on even days which leaves Totally Random Shez on ODD. Yes, it could work, and it would give each post a couple of days for views. That could be good. Hummmm, I may have hatched a workable plan.

A photostitch of an amazing sunlit sky.

The Totally Random Shez post is a photo essay featuring the changing sky from dusk to fifteen minutes later when it’s lights out. Please take a quick pop over to check it out.

Thank you so much. Don’t be afraid to comment, I do appreciate your thoughts.



PS I have a Poll, if you would be so kind to vote.

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to hearing from you.

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